Intraoral Massage Therapy Treatment Now Offered in Bellevue

Introduction to intraoral massage is useful in treating TMJD (Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction) orpain in the jaw. This treatment is also effective in alleviating headaches, clenching/bruxism (grinding ofteeth), tender and sensitive teeth, TMJ noise (IE: clicking, popping), facial pain and fatigued facial muscles.  Intraoral massage techniques incorporate working with the muscles on the inside of the mouth. Massage of the neck and upper back muscles is also customary when receiving an intraoral treatment. This helps to release stress of overall area of head and neck and intern will hopefully help with your symptoms. These arecommon trigger points (tension headaches) caused by muscles inside the jaw.

Our trained staff of Licensed Massage Therapists are certified in working with this condition.  Many people are unaware that their insurance companies will cover their massage therapy sessions.Consult with your local dentist if TMJ sounds like something you may be dealing with.  Our clinic accepts most major insurance plans.  For more information please consult our staff via 425.590.9620.

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